brown hair - venus ferreira


It’s time to ditch those bright blonde streaks and red-dipped ends.

Score high on the hair charts with luscious browns playing games of shadow n light with warm honey tones and deep chocolate browns. 

Catching the sun in your hair is a technique I’ve seen few colourists master to perfection. I’ve always caught myself looking at coloured hair cringing at the obviousness of it, always being caught between wanting it to look natural yet aching to show off my new colour.

That’s until I found my balance with the Browns!

Great for our olive skin and dusky tones, warm shades of brown, honey and mahogany look far more natural on us than the stark black hair colour that most Indian women are born with. While our love affair with henna ended years ago, with the arrival of colour charts from new shores, we couldn’t resist the lure of obvious colour just to make a statement. 

Guilty as charged, I’ve tried chunks of red, definitely contemplated blue streaks, in fact, vaguely remember trying a blue-green streak, but thankfully the colour didn’t catch on my dark black hair! …and funnily enough, I was constantly asked if I’d coloured my hair black when it was actually virgin hair…my coloured browns have invoked far less of an inquisition and look far more natural on me than my naturally black hair!!!! 

As a make up artist and hair stylist in the beauty and fashion world, I’ve come across endless beauty gaffes where hair has gone too blonde or too orange or too dark to style. Where models and us regular mortals alike, fear the fried look and stick with the dull black frizz that we were born with. And while some are blessed with shiny, silky black hair, the rest of us ain’t that lucky…

….Or maybe we are! We get to stick our necks out of the rut once in a while and experiment a few times, until we finally find what we’re looking for…beautiful, sun-kissed, natural looking, fun hair to swish from side to side!

If you’re looking to play it safe, stay in the shadows with varying tones of soft browns (discuss with your colourist and keep references handy on ur phone…. Pinterest/ Insta are a click away)

For all you adventurous lot, there’s varying shades and grades of Balayage that give you an edge, especially if you are one of those that love to style and play around with your locks. 

Whether you choose to top knot your way through your workday or fishtail your braids at the beach, you’re sure to love the way the sun shines through your hair!